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"Thank You Lara for doing my wedding hair. It stayed curly all day - despite the fact, as we had discussed how heavy it is! And the biggest most massive thank you for doing a last minute cut when my normal hairdresser had left it in a terrible state at the bottom without my realising!" marie thorpe.


"As a qualified hair dresser myself theres no one else I would want doing my hair!" tasha rowell.


"ive always been lucky enough to have family or friends do my hair, and I have never liked paying out on my hair. but over the years ive thought I really should treat myself to a regular hairdresser and if its not family I can chop and change my mind as much as I like! she was recommended to me by my sister who is very fussy, so I knew lara would be good and worth the money id be paying. she is excellent, she does what I ask for, and is honest about what I want and ive always been so happy and never felt guilty about spending out regularly. my hair is the best its looked in years and people have also told me that. I love my hair and lara realy gets the best out of it, I wont change hairdresser now and I always recommend her, shes professional, kind, polite, and talented." eve ladyman.


"Lara has given me every style and colour u could imagine and taught me how to look after it properly. Would never have anyone else." maxine horwood.


"I moved area and was used to having a mobile hairdresser. The first hairdresser was ok but then I tried Lara. I've always been impressed by her, her professionalism, her awareness of trends and even her prices! A real bonus for me is that she's great with kids including my Autistic son - he doesn't even have an issue with haircuts anymore :-)" alison looker.


"Before coming to Lara my hair was flat and lifeless. She does an amazing job on my hair and has cut and coloured it through the years and always does a fab job. I drive from London just so she can do my hair, I would recommend anyone to her and have done. She is friendly and great to have a chat with while getting your locks done" zoe griffiths.


"Lara is the only person who I would let cut my hair, after years of having horrific styles and massive frizz she fixed me up and I've never looked back! She also produces incredible wedding hair." clare gamon.


"Ive used lara on and off (because of moving away) for over 10 yrs! Lara is friendly,reliable and reasonably priced. She listens to what I want." tab wlikins.


"Super duper hair dresser! Lara did my wedding hair and now cuts my hair. Fab!xx"  rachel hutchinson.



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